To convert waterways, and sewers into flow measurement channels, has been the forte of MONITARIO Technical Services INC. since 1988. Hundreds of installations have been modified to meter flow rates, to a degree of accuracy of better than +-5%.

   Flumes are designed with range limits, accuracy, restrictive considerations, installation requirements and consultative instructions for your assistance. All flumes are fabricated using 316 stainless steel face components, supports, and fastening materials. Fabrication tolerance is to within .05% of the actual required dimension. Flumes can be designed, fabricated, packaged, and shipped within two weeks of placing the order.

    Whether you are an environmental consulting company, supplying professional services to industry, or municipalities, or a industry experiencing rising sewer use surcharge costs, without consideration to true volumes. MONITARIO Technical Services INC. can supply a primary device for your application, or the complete flow metering system to a guaranteed and stated accuracy.